23 Apr 2020

My hair is weird. It loves a new shampoo and conditioner the first few times I use it and then decides it doesn't work anymore and never gives me the same result unless I change products for a little while and come back to the original one I was using. I am ALWAYS changing my hair products. I have really oily hair, that dries out the longer I go without washing it. I also have never been able to find a product that gives me that same freshly cut, salon soft, clean hair feeling. You know which one I'm talking about! 

THIS STUFF CHANGED THAT! The avocado, black currant, and rose scalp packs pretty much all had the same result on my hair. Incredible silky soft, and it felt healthy and clean! Not a knock off "gonna be soft for a couple of hours" soft. Soft for like 3-4 days! It added an extra day to my clean hair in between washes too. I've never had a product like this. And a bonus? They smell INCREDIBLE.

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