Oh no I'm so sad this is sold ...

19 Oct 2021
Oh no I'm so sad this is sold out already! T___T

I only purchased one bottle and I LOVE this product! Because of my daily use, I have not had enough time since starting use of this product to advise (yet) on it's ability to assist with hair loss, however, I can say it is an amazing, luxurious scalp care so far!

I love how great this product smells, and it feels amazing to apply to the skin and does not leave any oily residue! Two weeks and the bottle is already almost empty!

Wish there were options to buy in a larger slightly discounted size since the cost for just a few oz is quite hefty and if you're a daily user like me, you will go through one bottle in less than a month, which can be so pricey when waiting to see results you typically need several weeks-months!

The shampoo of this item is also equally luxe in feel however as my scalp does not product much for oils, I don't use that as often since it can be stripping just a bit on the hair even with use of the hair mask products.

Count me in for a long time user of this product, it additionally would be nice to see this item listed on the amazon market, as shipping from Korea is half the product price to the US, hurts my wallet thinking about needing to spend 60$ just to get a single unit!

Hoping for a restock soon!

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