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2 Aug 2019

Hello, everyone, it’s Lim!

Shampoo is really important,

But when microdust is so dominant like these days,

A good shampoo is not enough to cleanse out the dust and bodily waste perfectly….

Why don’t you try a scalp pack that cleans all the waste and shampoo residue,

And has cooling, clinic effect for the scalp?

A scalp pack from Rated Green.

The brand got certification as natural, organic cosmetic product from ECOCERT, prestigious organic cosmetics certification institution,

And uses fairly raised and traded organic rosemary as the main ingredient.

This is a hidden scalp pack from Real Mary line that completely cleanses out bodily waste and shampoo residue while also exfoliating the scalp!

70% of the product is cold brewed organic rosemary leaf water!

It also contains charcoal, famous for its adhesive properties.

The combination of various naturally derived ingredients leads to the unique formula of Rated Green and provides you with a more special user experience.

It comes out in convenient and hygiene tube packaging.

Looking at the texture of Real Mary Fortifying Scalp Pack, it is soft like mud.

The herbal fragrance from charcoal, rosemary, and peppermint is really relaxing!

Containing no harmful substances, silicone, or artificial sulfactants,

This is the product that eliminated all bad ingredients and only combined the good!

This is a REAL natural scalp pack.

Let’s try it now,

Apply and softly massage the scalp :)

Leave the treatment for 3~5 minutes after massaging so that the nutrition can be absorbed,

And rinse out with water!

I find it the best to massage with Real Mary Scalp Pack first, finish the shower, and rinse out before walking out of the shower.

The pack softens the hair as well, so you don’t need to use additional hair conditioning products.

This is an all-in-one product!

I made a GIF out of the massage.

The texture is really soft,

So you can massage without any irritation!

The pack cleanses the scalp softly and

Delivers nourishment :)

Here is the picture of Before and After.

It feels full of refreshing sensation:

it really feels like the scalp pack provides an experience

that cannot be resolved with a shampoo.

This is a natural scalp pack that even

people with sensitive scalp can use freely.

I love the nourishing, cleansing feeling

and my hair became silky!

Also, the scalp becomes really itchy during dry seasons, right?

There are a lot of people who suffer from dandruffs or scalp smell as well.

Those issues are difficult to be solved from just shampooing,

And secondary scalp deep-cleansing with Real Mary Fortifying Scalp Pack can improve all the conditions.

Meet this amazing natural hair pack,

Rated Green Real Mary Fortifying Scalp Pack,

at Lalavla and Chicor right now :)

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