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2 Aug 2019

Hello, I am Salt Kim and I have really oily skin type!

For most people, when you have a lot of sebum on your skin, your scalp suffers the same issue.

Accumulated sebum from really oily skin, stress and irregular biorhythm causes red, itchy, and irritated scalp with skin troubles :(

I was looking for a good product and found a scalp shampoo that is on discount at Lalavla.

I tried and loved it, so get ready to be persuaded!

As you can see from the green packaging,

The product is really mild and refreshing!

As mentioned in the name, the shampoo contains 44.8% cold brewed organic rosemary leaf water.

There are also natural ingredients good for heated scalp like ginger, peppermint,

So Rated Green Real Mary Cold Brew Rosemary Exfoliating Scalp shampoo is perfect for seborrheic scalps.

It is 95% natural ingredients, so I have relieved from the issues about body burden,

And since this is no-silicone, it is great for scalp pores which cause the most troubles in seborrheic scalps.

Of course, this is weakly acidic so that scalp turns into a difficult environment for Acarus folliculorum to reside in and just a small amount cleanses the skin effectively!

Since it is the best to give minimum stimulation to sensitive scalp,

Real Mary shampoo is perfectly transparent and contains no coloring.

I heard from my hair salon that “real” no-silicone shampoo should be completely transparent like this Rated Green Real Mary Cold Brew Rosemary Exfoliating Scalp shampoo.

I was relieved even before use!

Oh, and the first scent is really refreshing, cooling herb fragrance,

Probably from the power of organic rosemary leaf water :)

Since we checked out the texture and the scent,

let’s cleanly shampoo the oily, itchy, troublesome scalp!

Su Jin Kim has no privacy…….

Well, since I have really oily scalp,

if I wash my hair in the evening and a whole day passes, around 6PM, my hair is all greasy.

Just 20 hours after shampooing, this is what it looks like.

Naturally, my scalp is irritated red and there are skin troubles and a lot of itchiness.

I have scalp smell and a lot of scalp sebum…….

Such troublesome scalp can be refreshed and cleaned

with Real Mary’s seborrheic scalp shampoo.

Let’s get rid of the scalp smell and sebum!

It is better to brush your tangled hair before shampooing.

I wetted my hair and scalp well with lukewarm water.

I pumped the shampoo twice,

Applied thoroughly on the whole head,

And softly massaged the scalp with my fingertips.

Ohh, there are bubbles coming up!

Other natural sulfactant or non-silicone, weakly acidic shampoos are notorious for the lack of bubbles.

(Even when they bubble easily, they are known to make hard bubbles that don’t feel good.)

But this one is different.

The bubbles are denser and smaller than those from normal shampoos, but they come up really plentifully that you can cleanse the hair and scalp really thoroughly.

Who would think this is a weakly acidic shampoo after looking at these bubbles?

I covered up the whole scalp with the bubbles, massaged, and let it be for a moment.

The cooling sensation on the scalp was so pleasant!

I softly rinsed the skin trouble that itches and aches,

Waited for about 3 minutes and rinsed out with lukewarm water!

I dried my hair with cool wind and this silkiness…… is unbelievable!

I though no-silicone shampoos made your hair really stiff!

I cannot expect my seborrheic scalp to recover with one use,

but the effect of Real Mary Cold Brew Rosemary Exfoliating Scalp shampoo was amazing!

The red, irritated parts were soothed and my scalp smell disappeared :)

I loved how my hair smelled like rosemary throughout the whole day and the oily smell of sebum is gone.

I have innumerable shampoos at home, but with microdust and dry weather, I only use Real Mary Cold Brew Rosemary Exfoliating Scalp shampoo.

This picture is after 3 days of use!

The redness of the scalp is reduced and the skin troubles are beginning to disappear.

You can see the more dramatic change with the pictures side to side :)

My scalp is returning to its original color.

I love the refreshing feeling, without any oiliness!

12 to 16 hours after washing my hair, my scalp becomes red and greasy,

But after using this shampoo, I am clean and light 24 hours straight!

I am not embarrassed anywhere anymore!

Remove the sebum and add refreshing sensation with

Real Mary Cold Brew Rosemary Exfoliating Scalp shampoo!

Meet this product at Lalavla around the nation!

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