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2 Aug 2019

There are many people who take great, routine care of the skin but do not pay as much attention to hair care.

People are especially reluctant about using hair essence because after applying something to take care of the dryness, hair feels oily quickly.

But I am sharing today a light, hydrating and fragrant Real Shea hair essence review!

Let your hair damaged from UV rays, hair ironing, perming, and dyeing soft and silky~

This is recommended because it cares for the hair style in general as well.

Hair styling is a basic thing to do before you go out.

I really like having full make-up and hair-do when I go out, lol.

My hairstyle looks like it has been permed to have C curls,

But my current hair is actually straight.

I haven’t permed for a while and should visit the salon soon,

But with such a packed schedule, I am procrastinating that shop visit so much.

So whenever I go outside, I use hair irons and curl my hair.

Using the hair iron every day was really bad for my hair and I could see the damage accumulate.

But we still can’t go out with brittle, bushy hair.

But damaged hair looked bushy even after I styled it with hair iron.

I hate the unprofessional look, so I am using Real Shea Cold pressed Shea Butter Moisture Recharging Serum day and night.

This product nurtures silky hair and smells really fragrant, so I love it more each time I use it.

Sometimes hair care products with a good scent is even better than using a fragrance.

And a lot of people these days consider fragrance as an important factor when choosing body and hair care products.

I recommend Real Shea Moisture Recharging Serum for those who care about scent in hair essence!

Since we wear a lot of knitted clothes in the winter, there is so much static electricity.

I was always exasperated with my hair drifting around from static buildup when wearing knits.

Static electricity occurs more easily when hair is dry.

My hair is already dry and damaged, so with recent, brittle weather, there is so much static buildup!

Hydrating hair essence is a must these days.

There are so many products in the market, so isn’t it relaly difficult to choose just one?

When you visit a drugstore or search online, there are so many products in the market.

For dry hair that suffers from static buildup, though, just use this!

Full of moisture and hydration, Real Shea Hair Serum is it!

This product has a triple combination of hydrating formulas,

So there is much less static electricity and damaged hair is cared for thoroughly.

The overall hair style becomes neater and in short, I love it!

This come out in a 150ml package, so it is quite plentiful.

My favorite part of this product was the light texture.

As you can know from the name, there is no description about “oil” and it’s called a “serum”.

This is that light and refreshing, so for people who felt oiliness in hair would even be more satisfied with the experience.

I dislike products with overly heavy texture, and I love how it is so light.

The scent is also really pleasing.

There is a slightly powdery smell, that feels really soft.

You can feel adorable from the scent of your hair, haha

There are so many skin care products for hydration with hyaluronic acid, right?

Real Shea Hair Serum also contains hyaluronic acid!

It contains shea butter that was refined with cold press techniques and also,

Ther is hibiscus, which has become really popular these days!

You can really take care of dry hair!

I really liked how the product contains hyaluronic acid.

I have dry skin type, so my hair is really dry, just like my skin.

Real Shea Hair Serum contains ingredients that fill up dry hair with hydration, so I loved it.

Although it is so effective at nurturing your hair’s silkiness, the texture is really light!

We enjoy products that let the dry hair become shiny,

But we don’t want a heavy product that makes the hair look really greasy, right?

I am first showing the texture by applying the product on my hand.

As you can see, it doesn’t glisten overly and is really light and hydrating,

So all hair types can use this without worrying!

I pumped the product and the texture is not really liquid and all watery.

It looks like it would be really rich, but when applied, the texture is airy.

This is a hair serum so hydrating, but not sticky at all!

This product is really effective for brittle hair.

I checked the ingredients and there are 7 natural! Extracts included.

Oh, and I told you that the shea butter is organic, right?

It was certified by ECOCERT so I liked it even better.

Shampoo, apply thoroughly on wet hair, and dry hair~

Hair touches the shoulder, neck, or face, so

You have to worry about how the product may affect the skin.

There are no harmful additives such as paraben or penoxyethanol,

And it was tested hypoallergenic as well!

So no worries about the usage!

When you dry your hair and then style,

The hair seems prettier and more stylish because it is well hydrated.

When the hair is dry and brittle, it doesn’t look healthy even after it is curled.

But as you can see, the hair is well-cared for and it does not look dry or damaged at all!

Although the effect may vary per hair type,

Those with dry hair like me would really see the benefit of getting softer, more hydrated hair. :)

You know that strong UV rays are also detrimental to hair, right?

Even if you don’t use hair irons, your hair can be damaged from daily life.

Hair dryer, perming, dyeing, and even the sunlight all make hair dry.

If you are worried about dry, brittle hair,

And if you are concerned that you don’t look great even after hair styling because of such conditions,

Try Real Shea Hair Serum!

You can feel the difference just after a couple of uses!

Adding moisture to the hair

And letting the hair look healthier and prettier after styling with the improvement with Rated Green Real Shea Hair Serum.

Self- hair clinic conveniently at home,

Enjoy the light texture and pleasant scent!

This is really a great product for daily hair care.

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