BLOGSleeping Hair Essence review: Real Shea Overnight Organic Hair Essence is great!

2 Aug 2019

Hi, it’s Birdami, and I have really damaged hair……..

When I meet friends after a long while, everyone says the same thing

  • You lost so much weight!
  • What happened to your hair?

So today, I am introducing a sleeping hair essence

for people with extremely damaged hair like me!

Real Shea Organic Overnight Rescue Leave-in Treatment!

Let’s talk about this organic treatment :)

Leave-in sleeping pack….?!

Even the sleeping packs for the face should be washed out in the morning,

So I was quite dubious at first.

Isn’t this such a bargain? This size, when it’s organic?!!

Organic shea butter refined with cold press methods and

Jojoba oil, which is known to be great for scalp care

Are combined for this sleeping hair essence for extremely dry, damaged hair!

Ordinary treatments should be applied to all parts of the hair without touching the scalp,

And then washed out after a certain amount of time~

Sleeping mask products that you can apply before you sleep

usually have to be rinsed out in the morning as well.

But this Real Shea organic treatment is non-silicone,

so it does not block any pores even if you apply all over the scalp,

And actually improves scalp health!

It was proven hypoallergenic and contains no harmful additives!

The method of application is really easy for this sleeping hair essence!

Put some out on your hands,

Apply from the middle of your hair to the hair tips with a brushing motion,

And let it be absorbed!

There is no need to rinse the treatment or shampoo again in the morning.

Isn’t it so easy to do self-hair clinic?

But if you are putting this on the scalp,

I do recommend rinsing your head with water the next morning.

The texture shows how full of moisture and nutrition it is!

You can really see the hydrating feeling, right?

The scent is sweet and powdery.

It felt nice and soothing during sleep and I loved it!!

I will show you real photos of my transformation.

Before… my awfully damaged hair.

My friends teased that my hair looks like dry branches or even firewood….

It looks so terrible, but it gets worse when the weather is dry and cold.

I suffer so much from static electricity……

I cannot live without hair treatment!

It is common to shampoo your hair at night, towel dry and then apply treatment,

But really convenient treatment should be able to be put on dry hair as well, right?

So I washed my hair the night before

And applied the treatment on completely dry hair, hehe.

I tried this product on wet and dry hair over the last 2 weeks.

It is absorbed really well on wet hair, and you can just apply with your hands.

The product is fine to be put on dry hair as well,

But brush with a coarse hairbrush after applying roughly with your hands on dry hair.

The hairbrush helped absorption a bit more. :)

It’s so hydrating, but not sticky at all!

I actually have about 3 overnight hair packs and tried them all,

But the others come through on my pillow so much!

They were really sticky and heavy.

I tried them a couple of times and left them in the corner of my room,

But Real Shea Overnight Rescue Leave-in treatment was different!

This organic treatment didn’t leave much residue on my pillow

although I went to sleep right after application.

The absorption is super quick

And it is hydrating without being sticky!

For hair tips that are really brittle and are damaged the most, it is even better to apply once more and add moisture :)

My hair after sleep……

You may have noticed, but I think I sleep quite actively……. Lol

I just brush my hair down really quickly and tada!

It was absorbed even more perfectly during my sleep.

There is no stickiness or feeling of residue.

There is a light fragrance and my hair is so soft and hydrated when touched!

Of course, no static buildup!

Look at the Before & After LMAO

My hair was so dry, stiff, and couldn’t even be brushed.

But after using the sleeping essence, it’s almost like someone else’s hair!

It’s so light and refreshing that you can apply small amounts during the day when your hair feels dry.

Healthy, hydrating, and convenient Real Shea organic treatment!

I really recommend Real Shea Overnight Leave-in treatment to those who are worried about damaged hair!

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